Infacol 50ml

Relieves wind, infant colic and griping pain Helps to bring up wind Natural orange flavour Suitable to use from birth onwards Convenient-to-use plastic dropper

Product Description

Simeticone 40mg per 1ml Oral Suspension. Infacol oral suspension has been specially formulated to relieve infant colic and griping pain and effectively assist in bringing up wind. Colourant free Sugar & alcohol free


Active Ingredient: Simeticone 40mg/ml, Also contains: Purified Water, Hypromellose, Orange Flavour, Saccharin Sodium, Methyl Hydroxybenzoate (E218) and Propyl Hydroxybenzoate (E216)


Please Read Enclosed Leaflet Before Use. Dosage: One dropper full (0.5ml) given before each feed. If necessary this may be increased to two droppers full (1ml). To use: Shake bottle. Draw up one dropper full by squeezing the rubber bulb twice. Wipe any excess into the bottle. To administer squeeze the bulb and release. If symptoms do not improve seek medical advice.

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