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Biotene Dry Mouth Care Moisturising Mouthwash - 500ml

Biotene Dry Mouth Care Mouthwash is especially beneficial for people with dry mouth irritations. Biotene is a pleasant tasting mouthwash containing 3 antibacterial enzymes that boost the mouth's natural defence system normally found in your saliva helping to protect your teeth and gums keeping your mouth feeling ice cool fresh and clean all day long. Biotene Dry Mouth Care Mouthwash provides maximum protection without the use of strong detergents or alcohol.

Listerine Advanced Defence Sensitive Mouthwash Fresh Mint 500ml

Clinically proven mouth wash for sensitive teeth and gums Advanced formula for fast and effective results Provides in-depth sensitivity protection Long lasting protection Provides a physical shield to the exposed nerves


Clinically proven to treat gingivitis Forms a protective shield repelling plaque germs to treat and prevent gingivitis Designed to not cause staining For gingivitis treatment and daily gum protection. For best results use twice daily until gums are healed and bleeding has stopped. Can also be used long term to prevent gingivitis from reoccurring.


Listerine Advanced Defence Gum Treatment Mouthwash Crisp Mint 500ml Brand: Johnson & Johnson Ltd Model: RC416 Effective mouth wash and powerful gum treatment Advanced defence formula for fast effectiveness Forms a protective shield repelling plaque germs Treats Gingivitis

Listerine Stay White Mouthwash Arctic Mint 500ml

Stay White Mouthwash Arctic Mint Used twice daily, Listerine® Stay White is proven to reduce tartar build up, to help prevent stains keeping teeth cleaner and whiter. Reduces more plaque than just brushing Prevents and reduces tartar, to keep teeth whiter Removes bacteria in the mouth, a cause of gum disease Freshens breath for up to 24 hours Pack Size: 500ml Keeps teeth whiter Reduces tartar to prevent stains

Oral-B Pro Expert Fresh Mint 500ml Mouthwash

Oral-B Pro-Expert Mouthwash leverages Oral-B’s most advanced formula ever, a clinical breakthrough that helps prevent plaque regrowth and gum problems as well as maintaining fresh breath. It cleans in hard to reach areas and provides the ideal complement to your Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste.

Colgate Fluorigard Fluoride Rinse Mint 400ml

0.05% w/w Sodium Fluoride (225ppm F¯) Fluoride works in three ways to protect teeth from attack by the acids that are produced from sugars. Unique triple action formulation. 1. Reduces the formation of plaque acids. 2. Prevents mineral loss caused by plaque acids. 3. Promotes re-mineralisation of early decay. - Alcohol-Free - Provides cavity protection and strengthens tooth enamel - Daily cavity protection.