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Caneston Oral Capsule 150mg

Canesten Oral Capsule. An effective single dose treatment for thrush. The capsule contains Fluconazole 150mg. See details below, always read the label Suitable for: Adults between 16 – 60 years of age. Active ingredients: Fluconazole.
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Fluconazole works by killing the fungi which cause infection. Branded versions are known as Diflucan or Canesten. It is a treatment for thrush. For Bacterial Vaginosis.
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RELACTAGEL vaginal gel 5ml x 7 Dermatol is an all natural spray that manages the micro-environment and assists in wound recovery Dermatol is a comprehensive one-step treatment with no need for other cleansers or ointments
£9.45 £8.77

Canesten Oral & Cream Duo

1 Capsule & 10g Cream

Canesten Cream Combi Tube

Cures internal infection and the external irritation You can treat the internal infection with a pessaryany itching or soreness. Canesten Cream Combi is a complete treatment for vaginal thrush because it treats both the internal cause and external symptoms. This pack contains a slim applicator with 5g of cream The Canesten 2% Thrush Cream can also be used to treat male partners to prevent reinfection.